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Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine's Day Kids Coupons & Coupon Cards

Valentine's Day Coupon Cards for Kids
Free Coupon Printables
So yesterday (3 days before Valentine's Day) my daughter asks me, "Mom, are you going to make us a valentine this year like you do for daddy?"
Doh! Finally at that age where they notice stuff like that.
In my house our deal for V-Day is it has to be heartfelt and usually we agree, homemade.
So, 3 days, homemade and mean something to the kids. So heartfelt coupons are a BIG go-to in my house between me and hubby. We usually can't afford anything and there isn't ONE big
thing we could do that would mean a lot, but there are a lot of little things.
So here's what I came up with...

First a car card for hunter...

I did a clipart car from my DJ Inkers Clipart. You can't really read the wording on the back section but it says "I wheelie like you." (Cute huh? I got the phrase from Mique at ThirtyHandmadeDays.)
So for this one, I printed out my clipart and then cut an extra sheet of cardstock in the same shape. Then I glued all around except around the door, this way the back acts as a pocket.
Insert coupons here.

Next I did a Dino Card for Luke.

I did his a little different. I printed out clipart (another DJ Inkers) on cardstock and cut out 1x all around the dino and name. This is where I went a little different.
I have all these little envelopes that I never really use for anything (why I bought them I don't know). So I decided this would be a great way to hold the coupons and less work!
So I cut the top triangle flap off the envelope and then glued the dino to the front. Super easy!

I had a hard time deciding between a puppy and a kitty for Bella, but she was running around with her kitty at the time, so kitties it is!

I did the same envelope back with the kitties (again a DJ Inkers clipart).

Hailey's I did a little different. She's my book worm and originally she wanted a camel card. When I asked for another idea she said an ostrich. I finally got her to go with snake, which I eagerly agreed to because I thought of an easy greeting.
But since my little Hailey is SUCH a bookworm! I thought how fun would it be if her's opened like a book. But I still wanted to put in coupons and still wanted to use the blasted envelopes.
So here we go.

When I printed the clipart I printed on the far right of the page. Then left enough room for an extra envelope. I folded the paper and put 2 envelopes (don't forget to cut those flaps), facing opposite ways on the inside. A card with 2 pockets. Maybe I'll add a heart in the middle.

Anyway, so those are my cards. Since I didn't really do anything special, just basic clipart, I didn't do a printable for those.
I did do a printable for these:
These fun coupons! Now there are some girl and some boy, mostly uni. And I did some blank too, so you can write your own.
I designed these using art from Love in the Park I found on

There are 3 sets and a blank set.

Just print out on cardstock and cut! Put in card or wrap with a ribbon and you're done!
Have fun creating for your loved ones!

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  1. These are wonderful. I loke all the different card ideas...and especially like the double opening card for stuffing coupons in. Thank you.