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Friday, February 25, 2011

Crush On You Gift

So for V-Day today, hubby and I agreed we couldn't spend any $, it had to be all homemade. So I did a little combo treat and coupon book creation.

I used a 6 pk of crush bottles.
1. Drink them all. Yum (for the first one, I got pretty sick of soda after number 3 since I was doing it all in 1 day)
2. Wash and I used goo-gone to remove the labels.
3. Turn upside down and let dry, if you start pouring candy in while it's even a tiny wet, you will have a nasty mess and not a good present.
4. While drying, spraypaint or use scrapbook paper to cover box.
I printed mine using Crush that I found at and then glued on.
5. I designed a front, back and sides, as well as the handle. I've seen these spraypainted and wrapped with a ribbon and it's just as cute.
6. Once bottles are dry fill with yummy candy matching your colors, I did red and pinks for
7. Tie a ribbon around each bottle and your treat is ready.

I did an accordian coupon card to go with it. You can find more info and free printables for those HERE.

I did this for Valentine's Day. But this works for anytime you wanna tell your sweetie you love him!

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