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Friday, February 25, 2011

An Apple for the Teacher Shareable

An Apple for the Teacher
AGAIN with this HORRIFIC weather! BOOOO! It's almost March. And I do believe that rodent was LYING because Spring is no where closer. And when the weather gets me down, I bake. I bake a lot. So I need a home for my baked goods, because if they all went in my tummy, well, I'd be in even more trouble and there's no way I'd last through my races this year.

So, I whipped up some apple bread. You can find the recipe HERE. It's one of hubby's favorites, it makes 2 large loaves, or 6 mini loaves. **If you're at a high altitude like me you gotta change some things or your bread will probably fall, it'll still taste great tho ;)**
I asked the kiddos who we should take these to, and Hailey says, you give apples to teachers. So I thought, that's a great idea. So I came up with this cute little label:

Get the free printable HERE.

It's super simple, in fact, I designed it while the kids were eating breakfast before school, so nothing fancy. But the kiddos had a blast taking them to their teachers.


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