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Friday, February 11, 2011

Cleanliness Wheel

If you're a parent of toddlers and preschoolers, then you probably know how DIFFICULT it can be to get them to clean sometimes! Well I am always coming up with something new because everything works for some amount of time, and then it loses its glory and kids no longer respond to it.

I came up with this wheel and each color has a consequence, good or bad. That way the kids can see how they are progressing and know what each one means.
The kids have to clean every evening before dinner. I give them 20 min. (they would take 2 hours if I let them) and then they stop when the timer rings. Wherever the arrow is pointing are the consequences they get.

For example, in our house:
Black = Go to bed early and no books to read in bed (a HUGE for Hailey & Luke)
Brown = Go to bed early
Red = Regular bedtime but no storytime
Orange = Regular bedtime only 1 book for story (Mommy picks)
Light Orange = Regular bedtime, 1 book each for storytime
Yellow = Regular bedtime, everyone gets a story, best cleaner gets 2
Light Green = Regular bedtime, everyone gets story, best cleaner gets 2 & DESSERT!
Dark Green = Regular bedtime, everyone gets story, best cleaner gets 2 PLUS a candy & ICE CREAM SUNDAES FOR DESSERT!

So there are both good and bad consequences. My favorite part about this... NO YELLING required! I hate trying to yell to get my kiddos attention. I make a little noise (upscale or downscale depending on which way the arrow is going) and move the arrow. No yelling. No talking even. The kids are responsible for their own actions and I no longer feel like the bad guy harping on every move they make.

Here's the free printable:

All I did was print, color, laminate, and hang. I used a brad to secure the arrow for spinning. You could cut around the circle, but I liked the look leaving it on the square background.

Good Luck getting those kiddos to clean!

Happy Cleaning!

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