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Monday, February 28, 2011

Book of Mormon Paper Dolls - Nephi

Book of Mormon Paper Dolls
Nephi Set 1

My kiddos LOVE the Book of Mormon stories, but in between them all, they kinda get them mixed up. What better way for them to learn than using dolls to recreate the stories?

I got this idea from The Red Headed Hostess. She has some free printables too. Her's are generic and you mix and match and add the clothes and accessories. I LOVE hers, but I wanted something more specific so my kids can act out each specific story. So based on her ideas I came up with these:

I must admit my hubby and son were pretty disappointed that Laban's head isn't detachable, perhaps I will have to recreate to appease.

I created a wilderness scene and a city scene. And the following characters: Lehi, Sariah, Nephi, Sam, Laman, Lemuel, Laban, Zoram, 2 soldiers, Angel, there's also Jesus and some children that aren't geared for this story but are useful for many others.
I also created some props: A stick (Laman beats Nephi with), the Gold Plates, Laban's sword, cup of wine, bags of riches, and Laban's cloak that you can put over Nephi.

I printed out the backgrounds, colored and then glued them onto manila folders before laminating. I printed everything on cardstock and then colored and laminated for durability.

I plan on created more stories but started here since it's the first.

Here are the free printable links:

Happy Creating!


  1. Wow! Exactly what I'm looking for! So cute!

  2. I found these via Pinterest and I love them! Thank you!

  3. Thanks My kids bring them to church every Sunday, a GREAT quiet activity too :)

  4. THANK YOU!! This is great for my kids AND my Sunbeam class. Thanks for sharing your talent!

  5. OH MY GOSH I'm so excited!! Thank you so much!

  6. These are just great! Thank you so much!

  7. These are awesome...can't wait to have my kid play with these. Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into these :)

  8. Hi! my name is jacqui bolander. I just printed off your paper dolls and i LOVE them! I was wondering if you ever got around to creating more of these wonderful paper dolls for other stories in the book of mormon? please let me know! Thank you so much!

  9. These are AWESOME! Thank you so much for sharing!

  10. Lovely and wonderful and all things good! Thank you for sharing your talent with those of us who don't have this gift. I will be making these for my grandchildren and the cutie little kids across the street and I know they will love them! Thank you again.

  11. Printed these today. My 5-year-old is so excited to be in charge of FHE tonight, after seeing these! We are coloring and laminating them, can't wait to add them to our quiet book too. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! If you decide to post anymore, I'd love it :)

  12. Hi! I found your blog site and the cook of Mormon paper dolls you created. I LOVE THEM!

    I made several of your version. I even Google-ed a picture of a bow and arrow printed it out, erased part of it to make
    the "broken bow" and added it to my file folder.

    I am wondering if you could create or know of someone who already did... some scenes for the EASTER story.

    I would love to make them for my younger children and my grandchildren. I'm was thinking of folders like you have with different scenes.
    One of the street scenes with homes and crowds of people. then the puppets will be Jesus, donkey, palm leaves, followers putting down palm leaves, etc
    A scene of the mountain and puppets, of Jesus sitting on a rock teaching, other people sitting listening, maybe something to depict the attributes he is telling them about. (sermon on the mount - did that happen the last week of Christ life) That same scene can be used for the 2 fish and 5 loafs of bread story.

    We can have a scene of the inside a building to be the "court" for the stories were jesus is brought before judges, questioned, etc...

    We could have a scene of the tomb and garden with puppets for - the rock, rock thats been sealed, guards, angels in side the tomb and opening the tomb, clothes folded after Christ is risen, Christ standing - after risen, Christ wrapped in linen cloth, Mary and others with spices, Mary kneeling when she speaks to Christ in the Garden,

    there could be a scene inside a humble home - with puppets for the apostles, Christ with his hands out - so doubting Thomas can touch him, fish and honey comb

    the hill scene could also be the crucifixion.... with 3 crosses, robbers, Mary Jesus mother, a sign on the cross, dice, robes, guards/soldiers, apostles, etc.

    anyway.... I would love to use your creations to teach the gospel to those I love! :)

    I love your art work and the fact that my children and grandchildren would be loving to learn of Christ, of the Resurrection, the gospel !!
    they would play over and over again and really know the stories. They would have imprinted in their hearts, that Christ loves them and gave his life for them, that he lives again and will forever. And that they will one day live with him again. how exciting!

    Please Please consider creating something for us lacking your skills and talents.

    Lorraine Evans 5/20/2013 and

  13. I am absolutely heart broken...the link says that the pages are no longer found :( Insert pout face there another way perhaps???

    1. It has been so long since I've blogged or used my Scribd account I will check it out and hopefully get it back in working order for you. Sorry about that.

    2. I have updated the links so they should now be working. Let me know if you still can't get them Lauralee. :)

  14. the folders are quite a reverent style, I like that but looking for a bit more symbolism, technique, and scripture reference in the organization of my literary performances. Thanks for the illustration though! Yours Truly, Antonio Gibson

  15. I love these! But you have to sign up and pay a membership to be able to download and print them. :(

  16. I love these! But you have to sign up and pay a membership to be able to download and print them. :(

    1. Sorry Tiffany. When I signed up and uploaded things onto Scribd it was a free system, now I understand they charge. I've uploaded the PDFs onto my website at:
      The link is:

      Hopefully that works out for you. Thanks!

    2. That link just takes you back to Scrbd where you have to subscribe and pay a fee. Could you send me your PDF's to

  17. I LOVE these!!! Thank you for posting them. My Primary class is going to love them!