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Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentines Day Decorations

Valentine Decorations 2011

So I really need help in the decorating department, my house is covered in kids art and learning posters. But thanks to these wonderful bloggers with their great ideas, I think I ended up with a pretty nice setup! You must pardon the flash glare, all my doing gets done at night when the kids are sleeping ;)
The very top XO banner came from My Computer is My Canvas . I found this one at her etsy store, but she has a TON of free printables! *LOVE* I printed, cut, and strung up with some CTMH sheer ribbon (sad they don't sell it anymore!) and hung it.

The Subway art was a free printable from
There are 2 color options. I ordered mine at Walmart in 16x20 print, but beware, Walmart automatically adjusts your pics so it looks more black than brown, I still love it. If you have a COSTCO or other option, I'd go there, but since I don't Walmart it is.
I found a clearance frame at

I didn't have a gigantic board, but I did have the broken bottom of a dresser drawer!

I thought it'd be cute to spray paint it dark brown with pink letters....
wanna see? look at picture above. The particle board just soaked up all the brown, couldn't tell the difference at all.
Plan B.

I painted it with gray acrylic paint. It took a few coats, but the color came out great.
I don't have a silhouette machine, but a friend of mine does, so she cut the lettering for me. (Thanks Jill!)

Strung it up with some ribbon and TA-DA!
Bet you didn't know that was a broken piece of a dresser!

(Again with the glare right? I know, sorry)
This beauty came from Infarrantly Creative .
She gives a step by step on her blog. The only thing I did different was I did silver glittery letters for "Kisses". Again Thanks Jill for the Vinyl!
I did learn that your generic cheap holders ? (o gee what are they called) well the ones at Walmart don't give enough tilt and the kisses will fall out. So you either have to drill your holes deeper, OR find a better holder (what are those things called?). Anyway I found an adjustable one at Michaels (city trip!) for a few dollars and it works great.
And boy do my kiddos LOVE countdowns! Especially if they involve candy!

I can't for the life of me find the link to the smaller pink subway art. She had a ton of color options, it was a great free printable (if it's yours please let me know so I can link it!)
Printed this one on my home printer and another clearance frame.

The glasses or vases were from the dollar store, as were the glittery heart pics and the LOVE frame (great deal huh?).
The serving tray I found at Michael's on sale for $1.99! It was too great to cover with food! (And I used my cheap walmart holder (whatever its called) to stand it up!
I love a good deal!

So there it is! My valentine day decorations for 2011. I found a ton more really great ideas I just didn't have any more time. But I still have next year!

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