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Friday, February 11, 2011

Golden Oreo Truffles Recipe

So techincally these should probably go on my recipe blog (and they will), but I added them here too because they make SUCH a great gift and there is such an ENDLESS array of options! Decorations, flavors, etc!

So all you need is this:

1 pkg. golden oreo
1 8oz pkg. cream cheese
melting chocolate (I used almond bark)
& decorations (optional)

Or... This:
For Chocolate!
(Double Stuff is harder to work with, but if it's all you have, work it!)

First take your food processor, or heavy duty blender, or some strong arms a large gallon ziploc bag and a rolling pin and crush those cookies!
I use 36 cookies (we usually eat the rest or save for dipping!)

Mix, blend or roll until fine crumbs.
On a side note, isn't my new food processor BEAUTIFUL!?! (Thanks MOM! Christmas Gift :)

After you have fine crumbs, cut the cream cheese into chunks and add to food processor.
Then process. You will know it's all mixed when your fine crumbs turn into one GIANT BLOB!

It WILL be gooey! I take my food processor bowl, in the state and stick it in the fridge for a good 10-15 min to chill.
This isn't necessary for taste, but makes it MUCH easier to work with.

After done chilling. Roll into balls.
I use my cookie scoop, scoop and roll in hands then set on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper.

After I have all my balls I put this back in the fridge or freezer (if you have room). The colder you have the balls the easier it is to dip.

While they are chilling (about 30 min. in fridge or 10-15 in freezer), melt your chocolate.

You can use candy coating, almond bark, baker's chocolate (make sure it's SWEETENED), even chocolate chips.

I prefer these:
But if you live in the Basin good luck finding them! You can order them but they usually melt. However if you find yourself in SLC or Orem, pick some up! I like them better because they melt faster, easier, and they taste better. But the almond bark does better than chocolate chips. But use whatever you have. Just be careful to melt slowly and stir frequently!

You can melt in a double boiler (safest method) but not everyone has one, a small pot will work, but melt on LOW and stir frequently to prevent scorching. You can also melt in the microwave, but only melt for 30 seconds at a time, stopping and stirring in between. If you don't you will end up burning sections of the chocolate and then when you mix, it's all ruined.
(Trust me, I've done it!)
And P.S. make sure all your pans, bowls, utensils are dry, any liquid will solidify the chocolate defeating the purpose.

Now this part lacks pictures because you got to work quickly!
As soon as your chocolate is melted, remove your chilled dough balls and dip in chocolate. I say dip, but that's not what I do. I usually use one spoon to hold the ball (on the tip) and another to poor the chocolate over the top. I've heard of people using two forks, but when I tried that half my dough ended up in the chocolate. I've also actually painted the chocolate on which worked well but was pretty tedious. So whatever you feel most comfortable with. But these balls are gooey, as soon as the feel heat they start to get doughy again so whatever you do, do it quick.

I melted white almond bark and after I did some in white I added a few drops of red food coloring to make pink. Dipped some more, and then added even more food coloring for a darker pink. Add your sprinkles right after or they won't stick to the chocolate.

I used 16oz of chocolate (8 of the 2oz squares), and had some leftover. But that's always good. Cause there's always something that tastes better dipped in chocolate, like strawberries or pretzels, or remember those extra oreos?
This recipe is so universal. You can use any flavor oreos, like mint, or even nutter butters for a peanut butter flavored truffle. You can use any flavor melting chocolate, and any kind of decoration, for flavor or color.
Oh, the possibilities!!!


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