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Monday, February 21, 2011

Cold Hands, Warm Heart Printable

So, it's really NO secret... I despise winter. The cold, the snow, the ice, the SUBZERO temperatures (if you live in the Basin like me). I like California winters. Where you can still wear flip-flops and sit in the jacuzzi for new years. My biggest problem my lack of outdoors because you really can't run in -35*.

But alas, I am reminded over and over things like, "Bloom where you are planted." And of course the best remedy for feeling sorry for yourself is to instead feel love for others. So Hailey and I decided the best course of action on the days you look out the window and groan, or at the thermometer and see a -24 is to make something for someone else. I came up with this fun sharable:

The kiddos and I made chocolate covered spoons (I found my spoon mold with the little heart at Michael's, I wrapped in mini treat bags [2x3"] first - you can find those at Michael's in the candy section too) and chocolate hearts and then filled bags with these, hot cocoa (what else is better on a chilly day?) and marshmallows.

Since it was February when we created these, we found heart shaped marshmallows. I've also seen snowmen, or Christmas variety or of course the original minis. These make a fun February giveaway, but any time it's cold works! In order to share the love a little farther, here's the bag topper I came up with, just print and add to bag. (I use 6x6" bags I found at Papermart. I buy in bulk by 1000, because we do this kind of thing ALL the time. )

So fill your bag with hot cocoa and goodies, print topper:

Share the love during the cold and then maybe those of us that hate winter won't find it so depressing!


(To design this shareable I used Just Freezin Kit by Just So Scrappy)

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