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Friday, February 11, 2011

Hubby Valentine's Day Accordion Coupon Card

For Hubby's gift this year I actually had a night away planned. But Murphy's law applied and the week before Valentine's Day we had to buy a new computer monitor, so night away cancelled. Must find fast, easy and cheap gift for hubby.
Enter Coupons.
We love them. They are a common gift among our home because let's face it, a cop doesn't do it for the $!
This time, I wanted to do something a little different and had those darn envelopes I was trying to get rid of, and came up with this.
It folds up accordion-style. All the pages but the very top have a pocket to store coupons or love notes.

First take your first two envelopes. One flap side down and one flap side up.
The take the bottom envelope's flap and glue under the top envelope.

(Sorry, blurry picture!) So the top envelope has an open flap at the back and the bottom now has an open pocket with no flap.

This is what the back looks like.
Repeat gluing the top flap under the above card for as many pockets as you want.

I glued the very top card's flap over the 2nd flap just so it would stay put.
Then decorate.

I designed mine using Crush that I found at
Here's what I came up with (and the printable links):

Here's my cover:

And I did a back. You don't have to, I just liked how it looked when it's all folded up both front and back are decorated.

Here's the back:
And the pocket decor:

Printables for the card here:

And the inside coupons:
See those ones hiding to the right? There's a reason they're hiding ;)

You can print the ones I've made, or I also made a blank set.

I'm not all done with Hubby's gift yet, but the rest will be posted after Vday just in case he's sneaking a peek ;)

Happy Loving!

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