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Friday, August 30, 2013

FREE Kindle Version of Help Me Be Good Books

Help Me Be Good Books

I love all the Help me Be Good Books by Joy Berry.  I had a couple handed down to me from my mom and I found a bunch of the series at a used book store and bought them all!  My kids love reading them just for story night, but I also find them very helpful to read when we are having a problem with a certain trait.

Each book focuses on defining what the action is, how it makes people feel and what to do about it.  It helps both sides, if your child is the one teasing or the one being teased (or other trait).  It's simple and quick and my kids love the little mouse or bunny character that pops up.  The beginning shows what can happen when you do certain things, and in the end shows a much happier outcome if you try something different.

The ones I have are about:
Being Bossy, Being Bullied, Being Careless, Being Forgetful, Being Messy, Being Selfish, Disobeying, Gossiping, Interrupting, Lying, Overdoing It, Tattling, Teasing, Throwing Tantrums, and Whining.  I don't have them all, and I definitely didn't spend $75! But I was able to score these $2 each  which is more than half off.

The best part is right now some of these books are FREE in kindle edition.  The prices are always changing, so hurry if you want your free copy! Remember, you don't need a kindle, you can find a kindle app on many devices and you can always download a kindle reader to your computer.


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