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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Crochet - Make Your Own Reusable Swiffer Wet Jet Mop Cover

Swiffer Wet Jet Mop Cover

So my swiffer is well loved.  So loved in fact, it's missing it's handle.  And the battery compartment is broken, so we don't actually use the sprayer, just spray with whatever cleaner we have currently.  So my swiffer is loved, but I have not bought those mop covers in an incredible amount of time.  One day I decided what a waste of money!  I could make one and then just throw it in the wash when I'm done, no buying new ones, no wasting!  So I just did a simple double crochet rectangle the same size as the bottom of my swiffer.  Since there's velcro on it, it stayed on pretty good and cleaned just as well as those disposable ones.  But then, last week, it disappeared.  My son was mopping and he put it away and he says the cover went in the laundry but it never came out.  Must be hiding out with numerous socks.  Regardless, it was time to make a new one.  My boys always complained that the cover would fall off, I never had this problem, but I'm not swinging around the mop, keeping it on the floor tends to help keep it attached ;).  So I decided to make another one, but this time I was going to make it so it would hold on.

I found all kinds of ideas.  I found a lot that involved lots of different types of stitches, some with bobbles and fringe, most of which included just extended the rectangle and then folding up the edges and sewing those to make pockets that held the swiffer on.  That was super great, except, when I made mine, I made my pockets WAY too deep and it was so difficult to get on, not something I envisioned my kids being able to do.  It also covered up those little sprayer holes.  Now remember, I don't currently use the sprayer holes, but when I do get a new one, I would like to, since I found a way to fill the bottle so I'm using whatever cleaner is cheapest and not the expensive swiffer brand.

Then I found this picture on google of a brilliant idea from Inner Child Crochet and it had straps! How smart?! What great inspiration.  Now her pattern is free, and it's a great one, but I wanted something a little simpler.  She uses front and back post stitches, which aren't hard, but more time consuming for me and I really found my basic double crochet stitch to do a great job and didn't want to complicate matters.  There was also one small part I couldn't quite follow toward the end, because on her pattern, all last 5 rows are done in round, so on one side there would be no space for the spray.  Perhaps I am misreading or something but anyway, I tweaked it just a tad, and came up with this.  I did mine is super bright orange to hopefully prevent future losing of said mop cover.  (Just now realizing I probably look like a crazed Lakers fan.)

Rnd 1: Ch 32. Slip stitch in 1st ch to join. Ch 2, hdc in each. Join. (32 hdc).
{ You will be beginning and ending this pattern in a round.}

Rnd 2: Ch 2; hdc in each. Join. (32 hdc).
Rnd 3: Ch 2; {alternate hdc & dc across} 8 times. Turn work. (16 st).
Rnd 4: Ch 2; {alternate hdc & dc across} 8 times. Ch 16; sl st in 1st stitch to join round. (32 st.)
Rnd 5: Ch 2; {alternate hdc & dc across} 8 times. Hdc in next and each across. St st to join round (32 st.)
Rnd 6-15: Ch 2; {alternate hdc & dc across} 8 times. Turn. (16 st.)

(This is what it will look like a little less than halfway.)

Rnd 16: Ch 2; {alternate hdc & dc across} 8 times. Ch 16; sl st in 1st stitch to join round. (32 st.)
Rnd 17: Ch 2; {alternate hdc & dc across} 8 times. Turn. (16 st.)
Rnd 18: Ch 2; {alternate hdc & dc across} 8 times. Ch 16; sl st in 1st stitch to join round. (32 st.)
Rnd 19: Ch 2; hdc in next and each across. Join. (32 hdc.)
Rnd 20: Ch 2; hdc in next and each across. Join. (32 hdc.) Finish off.

Sew round 1 and round 20 to form pockets for sides of mop.

Weave in ends.



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  1. I've never really been able to master joining a long chain and moving on with crocheting in the round from there. You couldn't by any chance post a detailed short Youtube video of how to do that could you???

    It would be greatly appreciated...and then maybe post the link here