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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Book Review - Something Rotten

Book Review

Bookshelves: Alternate History, Fantasy, Laugh Out Loud Funny, Mystery, Series

Rating: 4 of 5 stars (It was good)

Recommended Age: 16+ 
     A lot of young adults just won't understand some of this book.  If your teen loves all things literature, has read numerous classics and enjoys wit then they might love this one.  It's not full of romance, violence, language, deep issues or any of the classic reasons I don't recommend for kids, it simply might be out of their league, then again, maybe not.

I love Jasper Fforde.  To me, he is amazing.  His books aren't like anything else I've ever read.  He has the amazing ability to take classic literature and bring these characters to life.  He creates a world inside of books that is unmatched.  His creativity is astounding.

In the last novel we were left with Thursday as bellman of Jurisfiction, the leading authority in the book world.  The wild and crazy shenanigans she deals with, in addition to raising her son, Friday, prove too much and she decides to retire and return to Swindon, England.  Here she hopes to put an end to Goliath, Yorrick Kane and reactualize her husband, Landen, who was eradicated in the last book.

This one jumps right in with the good stuff, getting you excited for what's to follow.  I must admit when I realized she was actually leaving the book world I was worried that good ol England wouldn't compare and I'd be disappointed.  This was not the case.  After leaving the book world, Thursday's adventure just begins.  I love the political pokes and the game show, "Evade the Question" was one of my favorites.  That's exactly how I feel about watching debates during election time.  Politicians finding everything going wrong in England somehow being blamed on the Danish.  The political satire is thick with this one.  I loved the intro about the Volvo that no longer was the safest car because the vents did not protect against poisonous gas and when dropped from a height of sixty feet most occupants suffered neck injuries.  

I would have to say that the last half of the book was my favorite and all my favorite characters made debuts. I even loved to hate Kane and the Hamlet is now one of my new favorites.  I was a little disappointed in Landen.  He just seemed like such a one dimensional character and I wish there was a tad more on Friday instead of just his nonsensical one liners.  But considering I'm talking of a character who was just brought back to existence and a two year old, I'll wait for another book before making rash judgments.  The ending was good and I love how even if during, you are a bit confused, it all comes together.  Definitely continuing on.

Happy Reading!


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