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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Cool Freebies 08/26/2013


I haven't checked the mail in awhile and I was surprised to find a bunch of super cool freebies in the mail! My favorite kind of mail. 

These guys might be little, but I love free samples, this way I get to try new products without having to spend a bunch of money on something I don't even like.  The other super awesome part is having totally sealed things like floss, wipes and mini toothbrushes to throw in my purse or diaper bag. It's perfect, way better than buying a trial size because these were free!  Oftentimes, they also come with more coupons.
I got these by visiting website or facebook pages and requesting them.  I have a separate email and fb account for all my couponing stuff so I don't get bombarded on my personal ones.  I will try to post about the next ones I do, since these ones have already ended, but I wanted to share the awesomeness!

I also got this in the mail.  When you are shopping at Walgreens, tons of coupons and stuff pop out of their catalina printer and I know most people don't even read unless it's a coupon, assuming it's an ad or just junk.  Well a month or so ago mine was for a free "beauty box."  Wasn't quite sure what that was, but you know me and free, so I followed the website and it had me answer skin tone, and hair quality type questions and said it was on the way.  This is what I found inside.
I received Burt Bee's gud Body Lotion in Pearanormal Activity, Amla Legend Hair and Scalp Serum, Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Daily Cleanser, Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub and Biore Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser, Maybelline Dream Fresh Beauty Balm Skin Perfector in the shade I chose, and a Shick Hydro Razor!  It also came with $15 worth of coupons for these and more products as well.

Then, I found this box with no return address and I thought maybe it was a fun birthday present for tomorrow, but upon opening it found this:

About two weeks ago I paired a great deal at Harmons with some high value Welch's coupons and on the cartons of juice I saw a Buy 3 Get a Free Nalgene Water bottle.  In my deal I ended up with six so I filled out the rebate (printable off their website) and sent it in, and scored 2 free Nalgene waterbottles and a couple more Welch's coupons.

I feel like my birthday came early this year.
Love the freebies!


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