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Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday Freebies

These are the freebies/samples I scored in the mail this week.

I got a box from Costco that had a bunch of Kirkland samples inside including, Baby Wipes, Daily Facial Towelettes and Surface Wipes.  I think Costco ones are my favorite because they give you a decent size, not just one use.  You must be a Costco member to request these.
I also received a Target sample of Puffs Tissue and Boogie Wipes, the best part of Target samples is they almost always come with a coupon, usually a Target one, which you can stack with a MFG one!
And then a perfume sample, these are usually one time use postcard type samples but it's nice to try something new.
I also received this Advil sample from Walmart.  These are great to keep in your purse and my hubby loves to keep them in his patrol car for when it's needed.  Also a nice high value coupon to go with it.


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