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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Book Review - This is What Happy Looks Like

Book Review

Bookshelves: Young Adult, Teen Romance, Contemporary, Realistic Fiction

Rating: 4 of 5 stars (It was good)

Recommended Age: 14+ 
     This is very light on the romance.  The kids seemed to have more of their act together than the parents in this story.  (As I would recommend talking to your kiddo about internet safety first though.)

This was a very light hearted romance.  It was a quick read and I found it cute.  It reminded me more of Win a Date with Tad Hamilton than the other romances I saw it equated to.  It was cheesy and sweet and there wasn't very much of a plot.  If you are looking for something that actually happens in real life, this probably isn't it.  There isn't really much that is actually solved, which doesn't always need to be, but some people have issues with that.  It kind of reminded me of Eleanor and Park.  I enjoyed the romance, but that's really all there is and there's no ending.  You are left wondering what happens next.  It's got that small town setting which a lot of people love and some fun characters, however they aren't too present other than our two lovebirds.  This is my first by Jennifer Smith, but I will check out some of her others which I hear are even better.

Happy Reading!


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