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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Book Review - The Godwulf Manuscript (Spenser #1)

Book Review

Bookshelves: Mystery, Crime, PI

Rating: 3 of 5 stars (It was ok)

Recommended Age: 18+ 
     This is definitely an adult novel.  It's full of adult themes, scenes and innuendos.

This book was not my favorite.  I have yet to find a PI book that I love.  Maybe that's just my issue.  Our narrator and PI is super sarcastic, and your typical tough-guy PI.  I just didn't love him.  This novel is also very detail oriented.  When he goes to find a girl in a college class I got a description of all these other kids milling around the quad.  While it did take me back to that time, it also was pretty distracting as I forgot who he was supposed to be looking for in the first place.  This one wasn't my fav because I'm not a fan of the era the story is set in and all the campus radicals and hippies just kind of annoyed me.  I also didn't see why these women were throwing themselves at him when he really did nothing to deserve their lust, but of course he had to accept their advances.  What PI throws away a mother-daughter combo giving it up within the same two day period?  As far as the mystery goes, I had a hard time understanding the motive.  I get the who... but why?  I hear his series gets so much better though so that I should try him again farther into the series, we will see, the to-read list is awfully long.  

Happy Reading!


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