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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Races for 2011

♥ 2011 Races ♥

This year will be my first race year. I have been pretty busy having babies the last five years, and now since I'm not pregnant, or nursing, or even any kids in diapers, I have no excuse.
I've always loved to run. I've done a few 5k's for charities. But I never really thought about racing until
we went to the St George Marathon in Utah and watched my brother race. I gotta admit, I don't think I could ever do the 26.2 miles and after seeing all the people who could barely walk I don't think I want to. BUT a half marathon, now that's something I can do!
I run an average of 5-6 miles each time I go running, which is usually 3 times a week. So 13.1 miles is do-able!
Then came the decision of which race to run.
There are so many to choose from, and they cost money so I can't just sign up for everything. But I decided, being my first race year, I am going to be doing the following:

This will be my longest race, my only half marathon:

All the proceeds from this race go to two charities:
Children with Cancer Christmas Foundation and Deseret International.

I have always found the charity runs so much fun so I found 2 10k's:
The 10k Memorial is on Memorial Day (Imagine that) at Orem City Center Park and benefits
Utah Law Enforcement Memorial.
Dear to my heart because of cop hubby.

The 10k Pioneer Classic is on July 23rd (Hubby's Bday - hope he doesn't mind ;) at
Timpview High School and benefits
Huntsman Cancer Foundation.

I found both these from

My last official race is
It's on July 2nd at Wheeler Farm in SLC and benefits
gynecological cancer research at the Huntsman Cancer Institute.

The reason I say "official" is because someone approached my about joining a team for the Arizona Ragnar. That might be happening as well, we will see!

So until then, I will be training and hopefully getting ready to RACE!

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