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Monday, April 14, 2014

Book Review - Wake

Book Review

Bookshelves: Adult, Depressing, Historical Fiction

Rating: 3 of 5 stars (It was ok)

Recommended Age: Adult
War, Death, Grief, Language, Sex & Drug Use

I received this book from Negalley in exchange for an honest review.

I felt this book could have been more. It was a decent read, but as a historical fiction of the aftermath of the war it was rather depressing. The story was written well, however I had a hard time with connecting with any of the three women we are following. We have Ada, a mother distraught by the loss of her son, finding herself seeing him on the streets and grasping onto the chance he may still be alive. Then there's Evelyn, who is left bitter and broken after her one true love is killed. And finally Hettie whose brother returns alive, however broken and family responsibility is then placed on her shoulders. I could see the characters, but I had a hard time being in their shoes, if that makes sense. The rushed sex scenes with Evelyn seemed disjointed and could have easily been left out. It took me some time to get through this one.

I didn't think about the characters after I put the book down. I did however think more about war and it's aftermath, which may be the author's intention. I do not mind thought provoking works or deep themes, I do, however like hope tied into the ending, a shining light. If you are looking for that, this book isn't it. The ending gives a bit of closure, but that's about it, like a band-aid on a stab wound. If you are seeking a realistic depressing WWI aftermath historical fiction, this is written well.

This book contains the obvious war, death, grief, language, sex, and drug use.

Thank you Random House Publishing Group for this opportunity.

Happy Reading!


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