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Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Favorites 09/23/11

Friday Favorites!!!

So I've finally tried out Pinterest.  And I'm loving it.  Instead of printing out every recipe/craft/decorating/anything idea that I love I can just Pin it.  Then I organize these links onto boards of my choosing.  I haven't yet begin searching through Pinterest.  I think once I do, I'm in trouble (I foresee long nights ahead!)  I've just barely started this but here are some of my favorite finds this week:

Pumpkin Monkey Bread - 9
This Pumpkin Monkey Bread from Sugar Crafter looks perfect for fall time!
OREO-Peanut Butter Bites recipe
Oreo Peanut Butter Bites from Kraft
I cannot WAIT to try these out!!! I have a favorite oreo truffle bite but adding peanut butter! YUM!

October 2010 399
Fabric Pumpkin Tutorial from Creation Corner looks easy and SO cute! Great for Fall! 

I LOVE this spider cake in a jar for Halloween from I am Baker! How FUN! 


Now that Winter is coming I can't wait to plan some group dates to keep us entertained.  I LOVE this "Clue" Date from Dating Divas!  I must also mention I LOVE that movie (yes I'm cheesy like that)!

I enjoy finding new ways to tell hubby how much I love and appreciate him.  What a GREAT idea 

Just a few of my favorites this week.

Tomorrow is a big trip to the city and hopefully I can stock up on some craft items and cross off some of these "to-dos."


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